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Work Life English

A-01.02 Put Letters in Order.

A-01.02 Put Letters in Order.

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(Ideas C & D & E of Alphabet Answers)


Introducing the English Teaching Essentials which provides teaching instructions, songs, games, and worksheets designed for novice learners of English and new readers of all ages. This pack is an essential resource for teachers or helpers looking to facilitate effective language learning experiences.

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Key Components:

  • Teaching Instructions with Adaptations
  • Alphabet Songs
  • Games
  • Worksheets


6 Pages

Who They're For:

  • Novice learners of English and new readers of all ages.
  • Teachers or helpers seeking effective instructional materials for language learning.

    Why You Need Them: 

    Although the ability to alphabetize isn’t needed until later, it’s easier to learn the letters in sequence from the start.

    What You’ll Do: 

    • Do Alphabet Chains
    • Sing Alphabet Songs
    • Play Alphabet Rhythm (Letter Beats)
    • Mark Different Forms of the 26 Letters in Order.
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