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A-03.10 Play Alphabet Bingo and Lotto with Cyrillic Characters

A-03.10 Play Alphabet Bingo and Lotto with Cyrillic Characters

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1 Sets of 33 Caller/Matching Cards Displaying Forms, Names, & Sounds of the Symbols of the Cyrillic Writing System. 8 Distinct 25-Box Boards.

10 Pages 

Who They’re For: Native & Non-Native Speakers of English or Other Languages That Want to Know  Symbols of Non-English/Roman Alphabets   

Why You Need Them: Learning to recognize or use alphabetic letters, characters, or other symbols beyond the English/Roman helps both children and adults develop “higher-level” language skills. It builds visual acuity, comparative discrimination, and cognitive learning abilities. It’s also an integral element of multi-cultural awareness.  

What You’ll Do: 

  • To use as Caller Cards for Bingo or Matching Cards for Lotto, make multiple sets of the 24 letters of the Cyrillic writing system. Note that they include the names of the symbols and the sounds they stand for in speech. You may or may not choose to print out identifying Card Backs on the other side.

  • Use these as “Flash Cards” for an introduction to the Cyrillic system (and perhaps Russian or another one of its languages).

  • Make as many copies as you need of the 8 variants of each 25-box Bingo/Lotto Grid. These may be printed out one– or two-sided (flipped along their long edge, horizontally). Learning tips and letter identifications head each page.

  • Use the materials in any way that work for your unique purposes and situations.                     

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