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A-10 Assess Knowledge of the English-Roman Alphabet

A-10 Assess Knowledge of the English-Roman Alphabet

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Instructions with Adaptations + Sample Test with Answers

2 pages

Who They’re For: Teachers & Learners of English & Reading

Why You Need Them: “Testing” seems to be an integral part of all language instruction. The most direct way to assess knowledge is to summarize material and then ask comprehension questions.

What You’ll Do:

  1. Read (silently and/or aloud) a one-page summary of the main facts about the English/ Roman alphabet, entitled “Alphabet Vocabulary & Information.” Referring to “Multi-Level Pointers” if they’re useful, make sure that participants all “get the main ideas and important supporting detail.”

  2. Using whatever techniques work best, go over the different kinds of typical test questions: True/False, multiple choice, short answer.

  3. Take—or have learners take—the test individually, in pairs or groups, or together as a class.

  4. Go over the answers, adding more info. practice, and comprehension checks as needed.

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