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A-11 Use Alphabet-Letter Codes

A-11 Use Alphabet-Letter Codes

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Explanation + Instructions with Adaptations + 4 World-Useful Physical Codes

4 pages

Who They’re For: Language Teachers & Learners That Have Developed an Interest in Coding

Why You Need Them: It’s not only the printed letters of the English/Roman or other alphabets that interest motivated learners. Many people are fascinated by other ways to communicate symbolically, including physical systems.

What You’ll Do:

  1. Read and think about the meaning of alphabetic codes beyond letters composed of lines, especially those used in special circumstances: at sea during wartime, by electric telegraph, and with the blind.

  2. Play with the meanings of arm positions of the Semaphore Alphabet (+ Maritime Signal Flags) to convey messages.

  3. Tap out and understand messages spelled with the dots and dashes of Morse Code.

  4. Experiment with the feel of raised dots representing letters in Braille to read without looking.

  5. Try forming an understanding letters spelled out with the fingers in American Sign Language.

  6. Find or invent other “secret codes” that don’t involve linear letters. Try communicating with them.

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