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A-12 Use Other Alphabetic Writing Systems

A-12 Use Other Alphabetic Writing Systems

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A-12 Use Other Alphabetic Writing Systems

Explanatory Article + Instructions with Adaptations + Assessment of Comprehension 

10 pages

Who They’re For: Language Teachers & Learners Interested in World Writing Systems

Why You Need: Them: Interest in the forms, order, and meanings of alphabetic symbols in one’s own accustomed writing system may lead to curiosity about other ways to represent speech sounds in writing. Here’s an overview of the major sets of printed sound-symbols used in the world today.   

What You’ll Do: 

  • After a brief overview of the earliest systems of pictographs, ideograms, and icons, peruse info about the Hebrew and Arabic abjads, the Greek and Roman alphabets (with their special characters and added letters), and the Cyrillic and Korean representations. Noting how the various kinds of symbols look, try naming them and pronouncing the sounds they stand for.  

  • “Test” your newly-acquired knowledge by answering 4 True/False questions about each system. Tell others about them. If you’re still interested, do further research on them and others.  

  • Learn about “Con-script Alphabets.” Create one of your own. Try it out.

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