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A-07 Alphabet Letter Cards Aa to Zz: Five 104-Card Packs + 24-Page Activities & Ideas Book (Digital Version)

A-07 Alphabet Letter Cards Aa to Zz: Five 104-Card Packs + 24-Page Activities & Ideas Book (Digital Version)

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This comprehensive and interactive tool designed to teach learners all aspects of the English Alphabetic Writing System. With five sets of 104 cards and a detailed instructional book, this product covers letter recognition, pronunciation, alphabetizing, phonics, reading, and more.

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Key Components:

  • Five Complete 104-Card Sets.
  • 24-Page Detailed Instructions, explanations, and ideas Book.
  • Variety of Fonts.
  • Penmanship guidelines.


    152 pages

    Who They Are For:

    • New Readers of Any Age.
    • Learners of English as a Second or Foreign Language.
    • Educators and Teachers.
    • Individuals Working with English Writing Systems.
    • K-8, Secondary, Young Adult, Adult; Pre-Literate to New Readers; Basic to Beginning Language Learners.

    What They Are: 

    Five Versions of four-of-a-kind 26-Letter Alphabet Cards with a 24-page book that helps teach "everything teachers/learners want to know first about the English Alphabetic Writing System." 

    Why You Need Them: 

    New readers at any age, learners of English as a Second or Foreign Language, and everyone that studies or works with printed or hand-written English have to know the names of the 26 letters and their order in the alphabet. They also appreciate hands-on, practical experience that has them manipulate the content they're acquiring. These five (5) complete 104-card packs and ideas will help them to:  

    • Recognize, name, match, and sequence most varieties of printed and handwritten alphabet letters
    • Use their knowledge and skill to engage in and keep learning from a variety of innovative activities and cooperative/competitive card and board games
    • Begin to understand oral spelling; say letters aloud; write what they hear; alphabetize; look up items; differentiate between letters and sounds in reading, phonics, and pronunciation; and notice how the language works at the most detailed level                    

    What They Contain:  

    • Five (5) complete 104-card sets of 4 matching letters each: a pair of one upper-case (capital) and one lower-case (small) manuscript (block) letters plus one upper-case and one lower-case cursive (handwritten) letter 
    • A large variety of fonts(typefaces) especially useful to native speakers/writers of languages that don't use the Roman/English alphabet. Some of these even include penmanship guidelines, shapes displaying "keywords that start with those letters," and/or miniature images of classic playing cards with suits and ranks
    • Learn from, convincing educators and students from the start that learning can be natural, stress-reducing, and fun. 

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