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A-03a Alphabet Letters Bingo/Lotto: English-Roman (Print Version + Shipping)

A-03a Alphabet Letters Bingo/Lotto: English-Roman (Print Version + Shipping)

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This comprehensive resource provides collection of 15 different Bingo/Lotto Grids, 15 sets of Caller Cards, instructions for use, and ideas for additional activities. These Bingo/Lotto games provide an enjoyable and interactive way to recognize and name the 26 letters of the English alphabet, making the learning process engaging and effective.

Key Components:

  • 15 Different Bingo/Lotto Grids.
  • 15 Sets of Caller Cards.
  • Instructions for Materials Users.


104 pages

Who They Are For:

  • New Readers of Any Age.
  • Learners of English as a Second or Foreign Language.
  • Individuals Working with English Writing Systems.
  • Educators and Teachers.
  • K-8, Secondary, Young Adult, Adult; Pre-Literate to New Readers; Basic to Beginning Language Learners.

What It Is: 

A convenient package of 15 different Bingo/Lotto Grids (eight copies each--of items in shuffled sequence) displaying 4 styles of letters of the English alphabet in 3 x 3, 4 x 4, and 5 x 5-box arrangements; 15 sets of Caller Cards; instructions for use; ideas for other activities  

Why You Need It: 

Whether played alone, in pairs, or in class, Bingo/Lotto games attract attention and interest! Even with "elementary educational content" like 26 Alphabet Letters, the materials provide a welcome change of pace from classroom procedure. They trigger cognitive effort, relieve the pressure of solitary study, and "lower the affective filter."

New readers of any age, learners of English as a Second or Foreign Language (especially those that write languages not based on the Roman alphabet), and everyone that studies or works with printed or hand-written English should be able to recognize the 26 English letters and name and sequence them easily. Used in order, these 104 disposable, re-usable, and/or reproducible pages are leveled according to learners' stages of development. They're sure to build the needed abilities--as well as to build on them.    

What It Contains:

Instructions for Materials Users: • reasons why these pages exist  • descriptions of their content and use  • rules for gameplay  • ways to produce more such materials • differences between Lotto and Bingo  •  suggestions for continuing to practice

Fifteen different Bingo/Lotto Games displayed on eight (8) separate Grids of "shuffled images" each. A unique feature of these two-to-a-page Bingo/Lotto Boards is their Top bars or Sidebars, which give individuals not only pedagogical information but also instructions for play.

Nine (9) complete sets of (two-sided) Caller or Matching Cards to be cut apart as is or mounted on card stock before separating. To be used as Flash Cards, for matching in Lotto, and/or for showing or calling in Bingo, they display 9 large letters each, in the Arial Narrow font on handwriting guidelines--to be placed on or matched with Comic Sans letters on the corresponding 90 nine-box Grids. There's about 1/3 of the alphabet in each subset: Aa-IiIi-QqRr-Zz. Designed to be used first by pre-literate learners, they're in these styles:  •  block capital letters    •  block lower-case (small) letters    •  block upper- and lower-case manuscript letters  

Six (6) complete sets of small-format (two-sided) Caller or Matching Cards, 26 to a page, the first two (upper- and lower-case) in Arial Narrow on printing guidelines; the next one (Aa-Zz) in Times New Roman; and the last three in instructional cursive writing. Meant to be placed on or matched with letters in 16- and 25-box Grids displaying letters in Comic Sans or Script MT Bold (sometimes mixed), they'll "finish the job" of "teaching" alphabet letters, spurring players on to higher pursuits.

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