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A-05b Alphabet Letters Paired Grids: World-Writing Systems (Print Version + Shipping)

A-05b Alphabet Letters Paired Grids: World-Writing Systems (Print Version + Shipping)

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This comprehensive resource introduces and explores the figures, characters, and symbols of five major alphabetic writing systems: Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Cyrillic, and Korean Hangul. This ingenious and fun-to-use collection features reproducible game grids of varying sizes and complexities, along with clear instructions and cheat-sheets to aid learners at all stages.

Key Components:

  • Reproducible 81-240 box Grids.
  • Cheat-Sheets.
  • Instructions for Materials Users.


100 pages

Who They're For:

  • Language Learners.
  • Language Enthusiasts.
  • Educators and Teachers.
  • Parents and Guardians.
  • Language Schools and Institutions.
  • 5-8, Secondary, Young Adult, Adult; Pre-Literate to New Readers--or Basic to Intermediate Language Learners of Other World Writing Systems.

What It Is: 

An ingenious fun-to-use 100-page package of reproducible 81- to 240-box Grids designed for strategy games that also introduce and practice the figures, characters, or symbols of five (5) major alphabetic writing systems: Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Cyrillic, and Korean Hangul.  For each of these, the first three (3) versions target 1/3 of the alphabet, the next two display half the images, and the last shows all the "letters." When relevant, both upper and lower-case block (printed) letters are included, as are cursive styles. After explanation and instructions, there are several copies of each Pair of Grids. Most importantly, each player is always equipped with a "Cheat-Sheet"--a panel showing all relevant sound-symbols, their names spelled in roman letters, and the sounds they represent in languages that use them. There are also brief instructions for use.   

Why You Need It: 

Players of all ages enjoy games of strategy! But if they also want to learn something about alphabetic writing systems different from that used for English, why not use the classic "Game of Battleship" for that purpose? Substituting the characters/symbols of five different linguistic systems for the conventional 10 capitals x 10 numbers of the original game turns its design into an innovative educational tool!  

What It Contains:

Instructions for Materials Users: • reasons why these pages exist  • descriptions of their content and uses  • rules for play of the traditional strategy game--and/or as a vehicle for exchanging information and practicing spelling   • ways to produce more such materials, go beyond them, and make creative use of their principles 

Fifteen Versions of Ready-to-Use Paired Grids, "leveled" to serve learners at different stages of ability for each of the included languages, with steps to follow for two game versions plus pedagogical (alphabetic) content to master on each page. Before use, all pages can be reproduced so that play is unlimited. Also, they're meant to stimulate creation of smaller or larger or of adapted design Grids even better suited to users' interests or purposes, especially for other world alphabets.

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