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A-05.01 Make & Play Paired Alphabet-Letter Grid Games

A-05.01 Make & Play Paired Alphabet-Letter Grid Games

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Teaching Instructions with Adaptations and Sample Grid Boards

2 Pages

Who They’re For: Teachers & Helpers. Beginning English Learners. New Readers of All Ages.

Why You Need Them: Grid “Games of Strategy” (the “Battleship Model”) engage players of all ages.
They’re especially useful in reinforcing the names and forms of the letters of an alphabetic writing system.

What You’ll Do:

  1. Understand the reasons for and principles of creating and using paired pencil-and-paper (online?) games of strategy that use only alphabet letters (rather than numbers).

  2. Adapting materials design to the abilities and purposes of learners, make four identical Grids for each pair of competitors.

  3. Enjoy using gameplay to introduce, reinforce, practice, and assess mastery of the symbols. 


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