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A-05.03: Use Alphabet-Letter Paired Grids in Three Thirds

A-05.03: Use Alphabet-Letter Paired Grids in Three Thirds

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1 Set of Four 81-Box Paired Grids for Each of Six Groups of Letters: Capital & Lower-Case Block Letters Aa- Ii, Jj-Rr, Ss-Zz; Capital & Lower-Case Cursive Letters Aa- Ii, Jj-Rr, Ss-Zz.

24 Pages

Who They’re For: Beginning Language Students & New Readers of English. Teachers & Helpers

How They Might Help: While working with the concept of practicing letter names and forms with Paired Grids strategy games, beginners might feel more comfortable with a limited number of images. Each of these six distinct game boards displays only two versions of nine letters at a time.

What You’ll Do:

  • As needed, review, practice, and update recognition and pronunciation of the names of the nine letters in each targeted group.

  • Follow classic “Battleship” procedures and rules to play suggested and/or other pencil & paper/online games of strategy.

  • For spelling and writing practice, follow the same or comparable steps using vocabulary words instead of markers or markings.

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