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A-05.05 Use Alphabet-Letter Paired Grids with Hebrew Characters

A-05.05 Use Alphabet-Letter Paired Grids with Hebrew Characters

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1 Set of Four 81-Box Paired Grids for Each of Six Groups of Alphabetic Hebrew Symbols: Three 3rds Printed Letters. Two Halves = Printed & Cursive Letters Printed & Cursive Letters
 The Whole Alphabet = Printed Letters Only.

24 Pages

Who They’re For: Native & Non-Native Speakers of English or Other Languages That Want to Practice Symbols of Non-English/Roman Alphabets

How They Might Help: Recognizing or using alphabetic letters, characters, or other symbols beyond the English/Roman “ABCs” helps both children and adults develop “higher-level” written language skills. It builds visual acuity, comparative discrimination, and cognitive learning abilities. It’s also an integral element of multi-cultural awareness.

What You’ll Do:

  1. Focusing on 1/3 of the 22-letter (+ 5 end-of- word variants) Hebrew alphabet at a time, learn, teach, or review the forms of the letters, their names, and the sounds they represent in speech.

  2. In pairs or teams, participants gain familiarity with the letters by playing Alphabet-Letter Paired Grid Games of Strategy.

  3. For spelling and writing practice, more advanced players can take these steps using vocabulary words instead of markers or markings in their Paired Grids. These might be printed in Hebrew or English letters.

  4. Follow the same or different steps by focusing on 1/2 the Hebrew alphabet at a time. (Note that these Grids also include cursive letters.) Review and reinforce your skills with

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