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Work Life English

A-06 Print, Write, & Type Letters

A-06 Print, Write, & Type Letters

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Teaching Instructions with Adaptations + Practice Worksheets

6 Pages

Who They’re For: Teachers & Helpers. Beginning English Learners. New Readers of All Ages.  

Why You Need Them: Eventually while improving their English, language users will want to form block letters with pencils or pens, perhaps develop their own handwriting styles, and certainly type symbols on the keyboards of computers or handheld devices.  

What You’ll Do: 

[1] On guide-lined paper, form upper– and lower-case block letters following steps for drawing straight and curved lines. Copy and produce the shapes or forms many times. Put them together in words.

[2] Form cursive or hybrid letters with prescribed strokes or in your own ways. Practice them. Use them for signatures—and perhaps other communication.

[3] Use touch-typing procedures to learn where the symbols are on a large or handheld keyboard. Do traditional typing exercises—or not. Devise your own methods.   


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