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A-07.01 Make & Use Alphabet- Letter Card Packs

A-07.01 Make & Use Alphabet- Letter Card Packs

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Instructions for Materials Creation with Templates & Samples

Plus Instructions with Adaptations for Matching, Sequencing, & Solitaire Card Games

12 Pages

Who They’re For: Materials Designers & Developers. Teachers & Helpers. Language Students & New Readers of English.

Why You Need Them: Remarkably, the analogous forms (upper– vs. lower-case, block print vs. cursive) of the 26 letters of the English/Roman alphabet correspond neatly with the “4-suit + 13-rank” design of classic playing-card decks. This fact makes them uniquely suited to the creation of 26-, 52-, and 104-card sets to use not only for teaching and learning the letters but for motivating cooperative/competitive card play.

What You’ll Do:

  1. Considering learner abilities, needs, and aims, decide on the design and scope of the Alphabet- Letter Card Pack(s) to make or have made. Follow instructions to create the cards, cut them out, and assemble them for repeated use.

  2. Use individual cards and compiled sets for teaching/learning of their content: the names of the 26 letters of the English alphabet, their various forms, their sequence, and their uses.

  3. Follow steps to “play cards” cooperatively/ competitively with the packs: classic (proven)as well as invented Matching & Sequencing Games and/or Solitaire.

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