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A-07.02: Learn Why & How to Use Alphabet-Letter Cards AaAa to ZzZz

A-07.02: Learn Why & How to Use Alphabet-Letter Cards AaAa to ZzZz

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Rationale & Instructions for Using Alphabet-Letter Cards in Language Learning & Game Play

32 Half-Sized Pages

Who They’re For: Users of Alphabet-Letter Cards AaAa to ZzZz, Versions 1-5, and/or Other Alphabet- Card Decks or Materials.

How They Might Help: Engaging educational materials usually work in whatever ways occur to teachers or learners. Even so, some people benefit from “experienced” explanations/instructions that advise what to do—which often trigger creative activity ideas beyond what’s obvious or clear.

What You’ll Do:

  1. Note the features of five (5) distinct versions of 104-item Alphabet-Letter Card Packs. Decide which one or more of them might best meet your specific educational/recreational needs or aims.

  2. No matter which version you choose, try using the materials—or others—with (some of) the suggested Learning Activities.

  3. Follow (and/or vary) instructions for proven children’s and classic card games that use the Matching and/or Sequencing features of your Alphabet-Letter Card Packs to advantage. These will naturally promote learning as they entertain.

  4. Consider expanding on the knowledge and skills participants are building in other ways.

  5. Find out how to use Alphabet-Letter Card Packs for Phonics & Spelling activities. Think about and experiment with the possibilities.

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