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Work Life English

A-09.01 Do Traditional Review Exercises

A-09.01 Do Traditional Review Exercises

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Intro (“Names & Letters”) to a Language-Skills Series with Explanations & Exercises A-J

8 pages

Who It’s For: Learners of English That Use Texts. New Readers.

Why You Need It: Traditional reading/writing texts in English-language programs may offer a brief review of the appearance of the 26 letters of its alphabet.

This 8-page Intro is from the LifeSkills Workbook, Level 1 of the Competency-Based WorkLifeEnglish Series. Its practice exercises address people’s names.

What You’ll Do:

[1] Review parts of people’s names.

[2] Recognize and match upper– and lower-case printed and cursive letters.

[3] Print and handwrite letters and names.

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