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A-09.03 Do Alphabet Puzzles

A-09.03 Do Alphabet Puzzles

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Info + 5 Puzzles on Worksheets from Beginning Phonics & Spelling Puzzles. Puzzle Solutions.

7 pages

Who They’re For: Learners of English & New Readers Motivated by Puzzle & Quiz Formats

Why You Need Them: Not everyone enjoys solving puzzles, but those that do can use them to strengthen their language skills at any stage, including mastery of the alphabet.

What You’ll Do:

  1. Review the appearance, names, and order of the 26 upper– vs. lower-case letters of the English alphabet.

  2. Do basic (easily solvable) puzzle-like activities involving the 26 letters. These are called “Letter Lines,” “Letter Spaces,” “Letter Finds & Counts,” “Letter-Words,” “Initial Letter Sounds.”

  3. Check your solutions with those in the included illustrated “Answer Key.”

  4. Find, do, and learn from other paper-and-pencil puzzles that require or improve solvers’ knowledge of the English/Roman alphabet—or other world writing systems.

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