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A-09.5 Get a Summary of Alphabet Teaching/Learning Ideas & Instructions

Know the Alphabet

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A Condensed, Greatly Reduced-Sized “Starter Book” 

Who It’s For: Teachers/Learners of English & Reading in a Hurry to Cover What’s Essential

Why You Need It: Complete coverage of all there is to know” about the English/Roman alphabet and world writing systems would be a daunting, time-consuming process! The 26 Ideas in the 80-Page How-to Resource Book, Alphabet Answers, present the main points with sufficient samples. Its precursor, the much smaller “cheap & cheerful” Alphabet Actions, greatly condenses its info and instructions.

What You’ll Do:

  1. Get a rationale for teaching/learning an alphabet, with a list of 9 most basic learning activities and games designed for this purpose.
  2. Follow the general instructions for alphabet lessons (preparation, presentation, practice, assessment, follow-up)—and motivating cooperative/competitive games.
  3. Apply these principles and steps whenever practical. Go beyond these ideas in whatever directions your interests carry you.