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C-06.01 Teach Word Parts = Roots & Affixes

C-06.01 Teach Word Parts = Roots & Affixes

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Instruction & Practice in Teaching & Learning How to Build Words out of Meaningful Parts—with Leveled Adaptations

(Idea R of Phonics & Spelling: Everything to Know Now . . . )

 10 Pages                                         

Who It’s For: Teachers, Helpers, Language Learners, & Readers Systematically Building Vocabulary by Putting Word Parts Together

Why You Need It: Beyond basic one– and two-syllable words, including those with grammatical endings (-s,  -d, -ing, etc.), there are many vocabulary items built from word “roots” or “stems” + affixes (prefixes attached to their fronts and/or suffixes added at their ends). Understanding how these work and what their general sense might be—will not only help in guessing meaning from context but will also speed up effective vocabulary acquisition.    

What You’ll Do: 

[1] Get an idea of what word parts are, how they function, and how to present and practice them.                          

[2] Download and cut apart 24 two-sided small cards that display one- to six-syllable words in sets of four—with pronunciation symbols on their backs. Become familiar with numbers of syllables and syllable-stress patterns. In Vocabulary Charts, separate these typical words into parts.

[3] Join word parts to create polysyllabic items.

[4] Make productive use of Prefix, Root, & Suffix Word-Reference Lists.


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