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B-05.05 Do Vowel Lessons in an Intermediate Speller

B-05.05 Do Vowel Lessons in an Intermediate Speller

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28 Student Worksheets, 4 Test Pages, 7 Tapescript + Answer Pages (Lessons Two-Three + Seven, Progress Tests A + D & Corresponding Answer Key Segments From & For Practical Everyday Spelling Workbook) 

41 Pages

Who They’re For: (Teachers of) Intermediate Language Learners or New Readers with Continuing Interest in English Phonics & Spelling

Why You Need Them: Beyond the fundamental one-syllable vowel-sounds & . letters lessons of Basic ESW, cognitive learners can  benefit from systematic presentation of “higher-level” phonics & spelling patterns. These innovative lessons for adults concisely present and practice nearly all vowel spellings in one– and multi-syllable words.  

What You’ll Do:  

[1] Review the basic spellings of 15 vowel sounds in American English. Discover, insert, and compare less common letter combinations, including exceptions, in useful vocabulary.   
[2] Hear and practice pronunciation of relevant items in lists, “silly sentences,” and an amusing story. Based on their sounds and meanings, fill in missing spellings.
[3] Compare pairs and groups of words with the sounds. Do innovative, motivating exercises; solve puzzles; complete or correct printed text; play games with targeted vocabulary. Enjoy their cleverness. 
[4] Take corresponding Progress Quizzes.  Check your answers.  Apply (newly) acquired patterns, rules, and examples to further English study.
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