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B-05.07 Get & Use 88 Advanced Vowel Sounds & Spelling Cards

B-05.07 Get & Use 88 Advanced Vowel Sounds & Spelling Cards

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20 Sets of Four-of-a-Kind Cards: Pictures & Words Containing Vowel Sounds  

20 Pages                                     

Who They’re For: Teachers & Learners of Most Vowel Sounds & Spellings in Mostly (But Not All) One-Syllable Words 

Why You Need Them: Now comes the “hard part.” After absorbing the most expected spellings of vowel sounds in English words, language learners and new readers will begin noticing and using the many existing alternative and exceptional spellings. The 80 instructionally designed Intermediate Vowel Sounds & Spellings Cards display illustrated vocabulary in 20 groups of four, each corresponding to a different vowel sound, including those before –r.   

What You’ll Do:  

[1] From the Intermediate Vowel Sounds & Spellings Cards file, print out all 18 pages two-sided, flipped on their long edge. Cut apart the 80 cards so they’re all the same size and shape. Note that they can be divided into 20 sets of 4 items each: one Noun, one Verb, one Adjective, and one Other. All four words contain the same stressed vowel sound, represented by a common or unusual correct vowel spelling. Corresponding symbols for the sounds are on card faces and backs.
2] Use them as “Flash Cards” to cover their “learning points” (how to produce & spell each vowel). Include pedagogy: which letter(s) represent(s) which sound(s)? How is each sound produced? Which spellings are the most common? Which are unusual or exceptional?
[3] Try some of the cooperative or competitive learning activities suggested in the 90-page multi-level Vowel Sounds & Spellings Activity & Idea Book. Or use the cards for instruction, activities, and games as accustomed—or in experimental ways.   
[4] In other lessons involving vowel sounds & spellings, use the cards as “triggers” or reminders of “key words.”  
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