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B-05.08 Get Rationale, Pedagogy, & Instructions for All Levels of Vowel-Sounds & Spellings Cards

B-05.08 Get Rationale, Pedagogy, & Instructions for All Levels of Vowel-Sounds & Spellings Cards

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90-Page Vowel Sounds & Spellings Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Activity & Idea Book

90  4.25 x 5.5” Pages                          

Who It’s For: Teachers & Independent Learners of the American-English Vowel Sounds & Spellings “System” Who Want to Co-ordinate Pedagogy with Easy-to-Use, Motivating Materials & Activities

Why You Need It: In regard to vowels—their pronunciation (with or without  lengthening), their many spellings (predictable through perplexing), and their functions in grammatical forms, oral skills and writing, there’s a lot to cover. This handy theory-to-practice “how to book” contains the  content of the three 60-, 80-, and 88-Card Vowel Sounds & Spellings packs for use with or by Beginning through Advanced language learners and new readers. It offers 12 sections of material—a compact but complete course in the teaching/learning of linguistic content.   

What You’ll Do:  

[1] From the Table of Contents, get an overview of uses of the manual. Choose what seems most helpful for your purposes and situations. Get reasons + instructions for teaching/learning vowels with illustrated cards.                                 

[2] Use 228 typical vocabulary items as instructive examples. Note how they illustrate nearly all vowel sounds and spellings of the language, from the most frequent to the most unusual of sound-symbol correlations. Refer to explanations, charts, tables, and reference lists for pedagogical info, notes, and teaching tips.

[3] Follow, adapt, or supplement instructions for preparatory, lesson, and follow-up activities. Prove to yourself and others that enjoyable lessons, activities, card-play, board (path) games, and oral/written word competitions can be effective language-ed  vehicles.    

[4] Use the classifications of words into parts of speech for vocabulary building. Be especially versatile in following the steps of group learning activities that require no materials or advanced preparation.

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