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B-05.09 Use Vowels in Intermediate Phonics & Spelling Puzzles

B-05.09 Use Vowels in Intermediate Phonics & Spelling Puzzles

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From Intermediate Phonics & Spelling Puzzles: 2 Pages of Pedagogy; 4 Pages Each for Simple, Complex, & All Vowel Sound Puzzles; 2 Pages for Puzzle Solutions, Reference Word List, 1 Path Board  

18 Pages

Who It’s For: Teachers & Independent Learners of Regular & Irregular Spellings of All Vowel Sounds in Useful One-Syllable Vocabulary 

Why You Need It: Many people enjoy solving language puzzles. And how  satisfying the process becomes when puzzles are designed to “teach” learners what they’ve been struggling to acquire in less effective ways.  Intermediate P & S (Phonics & Spelling) Puzzles call for (and motivate puzzle-solvers to produce) common to unusual sound-symbol patterns for 15 American-English vowel sounds. Illustrations and context make the meanings and uses of the targeted vocabulary clear.   

What You’ll Do:  

[1] Use a two-page article on “Vowel Sounds & Letters” for review of patterns, clarification at a higher level, and/or reminders of previously acquired knowledge and skills.      
[2] Do 4 puzzles (Word Find, Criss-Cross, Linked Words, Letter Choices) with words containing Simple Vowel Sounds. Do 4 more (Word Maze, Switched Letters, So What’s Different? Meaning Categories) to recall and apply patterns of Complex Vowel Sounds. Do the last 4 (Letter Connect, Letter Jumbo, Letter Blocks, Rebus Crossword) for summary and comparison. Refer to Reference Side Bars of Sounds & Spellings when helpful.
[3] Use illustrated Puzzle Solutions and an alphabetical Vowel Sounds & Spellings Reference List to check answers, review, and/or create or conduct related lessons, more puzzles, and/or game-like activities. Play oral pronunciation/spelling games on a Vowel Sounds & Letters Path Board.
[4] If Intermediate pages seem too “difficult,” go back to Beginning—or even BasicP & S Puzzles. If they don’t offer enough challenge, move on to Advanced P & S Puzzles.
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