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B-05.11 Study & Teach All Vowel Sounds & Spellings in Depth

B-05.11 Study & Teach All Vowel Sounds & Spellings in Depth

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Teaching Instructions with Adaptations + Worksheets 

(Ideas M-O of P & S: Everything to Know Now about Teaching & Learning American-English Phonics & Spelling)

 30 Pages 

Who They’re For: Teachers & Learners Nearing the End of Systematic Study of (Vowel-Sounds Phonics & Spelling) in American English   

Why You Need Them: Having encountered, practiced, and perhaps even mastered the “study” of initial & final consonant sounds in one-syllable words and their rimes or rhymes, educators and students of English may want a similarly detailed overview of stressed vowels.

What You’ll Do:  

[1] Begin with Idea M = “Simple (One-Letter) Vowel Sounds,” which are harder to distinguish in pronunciation but easier to spell. Review “Word Families,” make and use two-sided illustrated word cards, play the simplest Bingo, practice all language skills in paired “Spelling Tests,” use Reference Lists.

[2] Continue with Idea N = “Complex (Two-Letter) Vowels,” which are easier to say but more difficult to spell. Take the same steps (with different phonics patterns and vocabulary) as in the previous section.

[3] Go on to Idea O = “Spelling of All Vowel Sounds.” Review, compare, and summarize. Match, read aloud, and fill in missing letters. Do complete Exercises and Puzzles. Play Games. Keep exemplifying Lists for reference, review, and other purposes.

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