B-1.0 Start with Phonics & Spelling Concepts
B-1.0 Start with Phonics & Spelling Concepts
B-1.0 Start with Phonics & Spelling Concepts

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B-1.0 Start with Phonics & Spelling Concepts

Do Phonics & spelling

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Teaching Instructions with Adaptations + Worksheets 

Ideas A-D of Phonics & Spelling: Everything to Know Now about Teaching & Learning American-Engish Phonics & Spelling


 Who They’re For: Teachers & Learners of Any Age or Proficiency Level Interested in Systematic Study of Phonics & Spelling in English   


Why You Need Them: The concept of correlating sounds with letters may be unfamiliar to some educators and students of English, who need to build or improve their understanding of oral reading vs. orthography.   


What You’ll Do:  

[1] Get a feeling for “basic notions” like sounds, letters, symbols, words, and illustrations. Recognize examples of these in puzzles.                                    

[2] Before re-combining them, distinguish and count distinct sounds and the letters that represent them. Improve phonemic awareness.

[3] Differentiate among alphabet letters, their articulation in initial-word position, illustrations of meanings, and sound-symbols.  Connect symbols and visuals that correspond to one another.

[4] Learn or practice the names of the 26 letters of the English alphabet.