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B-02.6 Get & Use Intermediate Initial Consonants Picture & Words Cards

B-02.6 Get & Use Intermediate Initial Consonants Picture & Words Cards

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42 Sets of Four-of-a-Kind Cards: Pictures & Words Starting with b, bl, br, c (/k/), ch, cl, cr, d, dr, f, fl, fr, g, gl, gr, h, j, k, l, m, n, p, pl, pr, q, r, s, sh, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, str, sw, t, th, tr, v, w, y, z 


Who They’re For: English Speakers & Readers (Re-)Learning Phonics & Spelling at Intermediate Levels by Reviewing Initial Consonant Sounds & Clusters    

Why You Need Them: Students seeking to improve their English pronunciation and spelling need to consider all regular and alternative ways to begin words or syllables—including combinations of sounds or letters known as “consonant clusters” or “blends.” This 168-item card pack contains over 3 times the number of targeted learning points as the Basic Initial Consonants Cards—and more than twice the amount of Beginning Initial Consonants material. There’s a lot more vocabulary to work with, too. 

What You’ll Do: 

[1] From the 168 Intermediate Initial Consonants Cards file, download all 38 pages. On card stock or stiff paper, print them out back-to-back, to flip on their long edge. (Or for a one-sided card deck, print out only the even-numbered pages.)

[2] There should be 9 cards on each of 8 pages, with several informational cards.  Make sure they are all of the same size and shape. There are four 42-item “suits of cards” (meaning categories)—1. Person/Animal, 2. Place, 3. Thing, 4. Action/Activity—that can be sequenced (put into alphabetical order) according to the first letter, digraph, or cluster in each word.

[3] At intermediate and higher levels, the pedagogic phonics/spelling info in the accompanying 76-page Initial Consonants: Intermediate & Advanced Activity & Idea Book will be useful. For maximum “mileage” out of the content of its  materials, refer to its tips and fine points as they become relevant. Try out and improve on its suggested lesson, exercise, activity, and game steps.   

[4] For more challenge in this area of phonics, go on to the 244–item Advanced Initial Consonant Card Pack.


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