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B-03.01 Get 48 Most Common Word-Family Spelling Patterns, 10 Pages

B-03.01 Get 48 Most Common Word-Family Spelling Patterns, 10 Pages

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Teaching Instructions with Adaptations + 48 2-Sided Card Rime & Picture Deck + 83 Word-Family Spelling Patterns Reference Lists + 36-Item Picture-Grid Game 
Idea J of Phonics & Spelling: Everything to Know Now . . . .



Who They’re For: Teachers & Learners of Fundamental Word-Family Pronunciation & Spelling (Phonics) Patterns

Why You Need Them: An efficient way to teach/learn basic rimes (all sounds and spellings that follow initial consonants in a syllable) is with 48 most common “rhyming word families” in English. Here are lists of these (and 37 others) with the best known examples + advice on how to handle them.     

What You’ll Do:  

[1]  Understand the concept of rhyming-word families. Use it to (help others) “sound out” one-syllable words with the same regular vowel spellings.    

[2]  Print out a deck of 48 two-sided illustrated cards that will clarify and provide practice in this approach to phonics instruction. Enjoy using them.  

[3]  Devise productive ways to use 83 (well-researched and hard-to-compile) Word-Family Spelling-Patterns Reference Lists.                                

[4] Play an innovative Picture-Grid Game. Create similar materials of your own.  

[5] Continue to try out materials, techniques, and activities based on the “Rhyming-Word Family” principle.   




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