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B-03.12 Get Reasoning & Instructions for Use of Advanced Rhyming-Word Card Decks I-L

B-03.12 Get Reasoning & Instructions for Use of Advanced Rhyming-Word Card Decks I-L

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56-Page Advanced Rhyming-Words Activity & Idea Book   


Who It’s For: Teachers & Independent Learners Wanting to Apply Phonics Principles to “Advanced” Spellings in Multi-Syllable Words   

Why You Need It: Have students learned regular and alternative phonics patterns with Rhyming-Words Card Decks E-H? Then they’re ready to apply sound rhyming principles to items of more than one syllable: words with added suffixes, compounds, and short phrases.    

What You’ll Do:  

[1] Review the advantages of teaching/learning phonetic rhyming, especially with Word & Picture Cards that display one item each and that have three matches. Revisit the pedagogy of syllables and vowel + consonant spellings.                                   

[2] Skim the reference manual for familiar sections that still seem useful as well as new information to add to lessons. Take a fresh look at principles, linguistic info, lesson steps, game rules, and ideas for “beyond the book” activities relevant to your purposes or situations. Add your own ideas.  

[3] Use the contents of all 52 Rhyming-Word Reference Lists (containing 7 to 64 items each) whenever it helps in preparation, teaching/learning, learner-centered cooperative or competitive activity, follow-up, and so on.

[4] Now that you’ve mastered the important principles of teaching/learning  rhyming words and phrases of various kinds, go beyond the materials. Create vocabulary lists, materials, and activities of your own.

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