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B-03.13 Get & Use Deck I of 52 Advanced Rhyming-Words Picture Cards

B-03.13 Get & Use Deck I of 52 Advanced Rhyming-Words Picture Cards

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13 Sets of Four-of-a-Kind Cards: Illustrated Vocabulary with the Rimes -ănd, -ôth, -ŭd, -ûrnd, -ādĭd, -āld, -ēdĭd, rd, -īd, -īld, ' -ōld, . -ôrd, -oud



Who It’s For: Advanced-Level English Learners & New Readers Ready to Expand the Concept of Rhyming Sets to Multi-Syllabic Items   

Why You Need It: At higher levels, language learners and new readers can use the rhyming principle to pronounce printed items of various stress patterns. And it’s  fun to do so by matching words and phrases with humorous illustrations of meaning.  

What You’ll Do: 

[1] Print out and cut apart the 52 two-sided Advanced Rhyming-Word Cards in Deck I. Look them over, interpreting the multi-syllabic phonetic notation on the card faces and backs. Note that they can be divided into 13 separate sets of 4 items each that contain not only the same vowel + consonant sounds but also syllable-stress patterns.      

[2] If helpful, use the cards to review the concept that words can rhyme (have the same sounds and stress pattern) in their final, last two, or even last three syllables. Introduce or review linguistic features of verbs with added -(e)d endings, compound words, and short sentences starting with reduced forms.    

[3] Try some of the cooperative or competitive learning activities suggested in the 56-page Rhyming Words: 4 Advanced Card Decks I-L Activity & Idea Book. Include both ideas that have worked before and new ones.    

[4] In other lessons targeting the pronunciation and spelling of multi-syllable rimes, use the card items as examples of principles and patterns

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