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B-03.04 Get & Use Deck B of 52 Beginning Rhyming-Words Picture Cards

B-03.04 Get & Use Deck B of 52 Beginning Rhyming-Words Picture Cards

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 13 Sets of Four-of-a-Kind Cards: Illustrated Vocabulary with the Rimes -ăn, -ĕt, -ĭp, -ŏk, -ŭm, -ooBd, -ûrt, -ā, -ēt, -īn, -ōn, -ūl, -oi



Who It’s For: Beginning English Learners & New Readers Becoming Phonemically Aware of Rhyming-Word Families of Common One-Syllables Words    

Why You Need It: Beginners used to seeing pictures, hearing the pronunciation of corresponding words, and handling items need to progress in their grasp of phonics. In addition to reinforcing the patterns of Deck A, this second card collection includes words ending in vowel sounds (like -ā  and –oy) and consonant clusters like –rt, as well as digraphs (ch-, sh-).

What You’ll Do: 

[1] To make the 52 Beginning Rhyming-Word Cards in Deck B, print out all 12 pages back-to-back, flipped horizontally. Cut them apart so that they’re all the same size and shape. Note that they can be divided into 13 separate sets of 4 items each that contain the same vowel (+ consonant) rime. These sounds are listed in phonetic symbols on each card back, and they also appear in colored boxes under each picture.    

[2] If helpful, use the items as “Flash Cards” to preview their “learning points” (the pronunciation and spelling of their vowel + final consonant sounds, if any).  Include pedagogy: Which letters spell which sounds? How are the sounds produced in speech? Why do words ending in vowel sounds sound a little different?

[3] Try some of the cooperative or competitive learning activities suggested in the Rhyming Words: 56-Page 4 Beginning Card Decks A-D Activity & Idea Book. Continue with even better procedures.    

[4] In other lessons targeting the pronunciation and spelling of one-syllable rimes, use the cards as “triggers” or reminders of “key words.”  


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