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B-03.06 Get & Use Deck D of 52 Beginning Rhyming-Words Picture Cards

B-03.06 Get & Use Deck D of 52 Beginning Rhyming-Words Picture Cards

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13 Sets of Four-of-a-Kind Cards: Vocabulary with the Rimes -ăs, -ĕst, -ĭch, -ŏks, -ôs, -ŭk, -ärk, -ās, -ēch, -īs, -ōst, -ūs, -ous



Who It’s For: High Beginning English Learners & New Readers Gaining  Awareness of One-Syllable Rhyming-Word Families    

Why You Need It: As learners learn to learn from card decks of 13 sets-of-four rhyming words, they’ll want variety. Especially in a large class, it helps to offer one collection of materials after another—or to use different decks all at the same time.  

What You’ll Do: 

[1] To make the 52 Beginning Rhyming-Word Cards in Deck D, print out the fronts and backs of all 12 pages, flipped on their long edges. Cut them apart so they’re all the same size and shape. Note that they can be divided into 13 separate sets of 4 items each containing the same rime spelled identically. The content of the whole deck is displayed in phonetic symbols on each card back, which also appear on card faces.     

[2] If helpful, use the items as “Flash Cards” to preview their “learning points.” Include pedagogy: Which spellings seem difficult to master? How can one letter spell two sounds? Why do some words end in two consonants and others in three?  

[3] For variety, try working with decks of smaller and larger sizes. Vary other activities. Make productive use or Reference Lists from the Rhyming Words: 56-Page 4 Beginning Card Decks A-D Activity & Idea Book. Make good use of all its offerings and have a good time!     

[4] In other lessons targeting the pronunciation and spelling of one-syllable rimes, use the cards as “triggers” or reminders of “key words.”

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