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B-03.09 Get & Use Deck F of 52 Intermediate Rhyming-Words Picture Cards

B-03.09 Get & Use Deck F of 52 Intermediate Rhyming-Words Picture Cards

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13 Sets of Four-of-a-Kind Cards: Illustrated Vocabulary with the Rimes -ärt, -ôlt, -āl, -âr or  -ār, -ĭlt, -ĕlt, -ĭlt, -ooBl, -ēr, -īl, -ōl, -ūl, -our, -oil


Who It’s For: Intermediate-Level English Learners & New Readers Ready for  Doubled Final (& Silent) Letters + Grammatical Endings in Rhyming Words    

Why You Need Them: You’ll want to continue attracting learners and promoting learning with attractive Rhyming Pictures & Words Cards. Deck F introduces spelling alternatives that wouldn’t be fun to memorize in a textbook.  

What You’ll Do: 

[1] To make the 52 Intermediate Rhyming-Word Cards in Deck F, print out its 12 pages back-to-back, flipped horizontally. Cut apart the cards. Note that they can be divided into 13 separate sets of 4 items each with the same vowel + consonant rime: these are listed in phonetic symbols on each card back and appear in colored boxes under each card-face picture. (Two extra cards give useful info.)     

[2] Review the notion that rhyming words are usually spelled the same (after their initial consonants). But then illustrate how the alternative spellings of vowel sounds can result in rhyming sets of four words that look very different. This happens often in words that end in [a cluster including] the /l/ or /r/ sounds.     

[3] Are there cooperative or competitive learning activities suggested in the 56-page Rhyming Words: 4 Intermediate Card Decks E-H Activity & Idea Book that you haven’t tried yet? Now may be the time.    

[4] In other lessons targeting the pronunciation and spelling of one-syllable rimes, use the cards as “triggers” or reminders of “key words.”

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