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B. Phonics Bingo Level 1 = Basic + Activities & Ideas Book (Digital Version)

B. Phonics Bingo Level 1 = Basic + Activities & Ideas Book (Digital Version)

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For learners who are not familiar with the concept of sounds differing from letters or those struggling to understand English phonics, our language learning tool offers a fun and gentle way to boost learning confidence and reduce frustration while grasping fundamental phonics concepts.

Key Components:

  • 8 Separate Bingo Games (Games 1-8)
  • 80 Bingo Boards displaying 72 words with contrasting sounds and spellings
  • 8 Sets of Caller Cards
  • 60-Page Book of pedagogy, instructions, ideas, reproducibles, and reference lists.


44 pages

Who They're For:

  • Kindergarten to 8th-grade students
  • Secondary School Students
  • Young Adults
  • Adult Learners
  • Teachers and Educators using whole-language methodologies

What It Is: 

8 separate Bingo Games 1-8 with 80 Boards displaying 72 words contrasting the most Basic sounds and spellings + 8 Sets of Caller Cards + 60-page book of pedagogy, instructions, ideas, reproducibles, and reference lists

Why You Need It: 

Pre-literate readers and novice language learners, as well as students exposed to only "whole-language" methodologies may not even grasp the concept of sounds differing from letters. Unaware that a regular system of English phonics exists, they may be wasting time and energy trying to memorize the pronunciation of one item after another, hardly noticing its spelling, discouraged by how hard it seems to "learn English." The pictures-only materials of Basic Phonics-Bingo Boards--and suggestions for use--can reduce frustration gently, increasing learning confidence through fun. 

What It Does: 

illustrates the most Basic sound-spelling contrasts with the most frequent spellings in 8 Games, on nine-box Boards of pictures with contrasting names; displays the targeted sounds with symbols and word spellings in letters below

covers 10 fundamental Vowel Sounds in Games 1 to 4; 18 Initial Consonants, in Games 5 & 6; 18 Final Consonantsin Games 7 & 8.   

supplies the most vital teacher/learner info with a Summary of Basic-Level Phonics (Sound-Spelling) Patterns; instructions and suggestions for appropriately leveled activities and play; reproducible Charts, exercises, and testing pages, with answers.

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