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B-07c Phonics & Spelling Bingo - Intermediate Level (60-Page Activities & Ideas Book + 20 x 4 Pages of Games 17-24) (Print Version + Shipping)

B-07c Phonics & Spelling Bingo - Intermediate Level (60-Page Activities & Ideas Book + 20 x 4 Pages of Games 17-24) (Print Version + Shipping)

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Intermediate language learners are eager to strengthen their phonics skills and move ahead in their language journey. The comprehensive Bingo games facilitate the mastery of phonics in American English, helping learners progress quickly and confidently.

Key Components:

  • Eight (8) separate Bingo Games (17-24)
  • 80 Boards displaying 200 words
  • Eight (8) Sets of Caller Cards
  • 60-page book


144 pages

Who They're For:

  • Students from 5-8th grade
  • Secondary school students
  • Young adults
  • Adult learners

What It Is: 

8 separate Bingo Games 17-24 with 80 Boards displaying 200 words that exemplify both the regular spellings and most common alternative spellings for 14 vowels and all single consonants and digraphs in American English; also 8 Sets of Caller Cards + 60-page book of product description, introductions, Bingo/Lotto game rules + variations, reference lists, review & summary activities, and mastery checks--all parts of a complete, intermediate-level "phonics course" for teachers and students

Why You Need It: 

To expedite language acquisition and progress, intermediate language learners are ready and eager to master the phonics system of American English in as many unobtrusive, tension-reducing, and effective ways as possible.  

What It Does: 

"teaches" the pronunciation and spelling of one-syllable vocabulary (+ a few words with added syllabic endings) with most of the letter combinations typical of American-English--in 8 Games, on 25-item Boards of pictures with word captions; shows the relevant symbols for sounds with their possible letter-spellings below

covers 7 "simple" vowels in Game 17; 7 "complex" glides and diphthongs, in Game 18; all 14 vowels in Games 19 & 20; contrasts in 18 initial consonants in Games 21 & 22--and in 18 final consonants in Games 23 & 24.    

supplies helpful, level-appropriate teacher/learner info with a Summary of Intermediate-Level Phonics (Sound-Spelling) Patterns; instructions and suggestions for activities and play with adaptation; reproducible Charts, exercises, and testing pages, with answers.

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