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B-07d Phonics & Spelling Bingo - Advanced Level (60-Page Activities & Ideas Book + 20 x 4 Pages of Games 25-32) (Digital Version)

B-07d Phonics & Spelling Bingo - Advanced Level (60-Page Activities & Ideas Book + 20 x 4 Pages of Games 25-32) (Digital Version)

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This comprehensive material is an advanced-level language resource that immerses learners in a diverse range of one- and multi-syllable words, illustrating nearly all ways to pronounce and spell words in American English. Language educators and learners seeking a sense of fulfillment and completion in their language-skills development will find solace in these engaging and motivating materials.

Key Components:

  • Eight (8) separate Bingo Games (25-32)
  • 80 Boards displaying 288 one- and multi-syllable words
  • Eight (8) Sets of Caller Cards
  • 60-page book


156 pages

Who They're For:

  • Students from 5-8th grade
  • Secondary school students
  • Young adults
  • Adult learners

What It Is: 

8 separate Bingo Games 25-32 with 80 Boards displaying 288 one- and multi-syllable words with nearly all regular, alternative, irregular, unusual, and exceptional American-English spellings. There are also 8 Sets of Caller Cards to be cut apart and used in a creative variety of ways. A 60-page Activities & Ideas Book offers all the benefits of the three that precede it at lower levels, and more. In only 13 half-sized pages, it answers the question "What patterns/principles should language learners master at Advanced Levels

Why You Need It: 

As in any area of language-ed pursuit, teachers and learners want to feel that they've "completed a course of study" supportive of their continuing language-skills development and advancement. These engaging and motivating materials provide a welcome stress-reducing way of providing that satisfaction.   

What It Does: 

exposes materials-users to examples of one- and multi-syllable vocabulary representative of nearly all ways to pronounce and spell words in American English. These appear in 8 Games of ten 36-item Boards each, displaying text only--with relevant pedagogy below 

covers all possible spellings of 7 "simple" vowels in Game 25; of 7 "complex" glides and diphthongs in Game 26; of all 14 vowels in Games 27 & 28; of contrasts in 12 initial and final consonant sounds and spellings in Games 29; of 7 "short" or "long" vowel sounds before -r in Game 30; of medial consonants in Game 31; and of exceptional consonant spellings + silent consonants in Game 32    

summarizes the benefits of phonics-based instruction; defines "Advanced Level" in this area of interest; describes useful products; re-introduces Bingo/Lotto game rules + variations, provides relatively complete reference lists; reviews, summarizes, and imbeds learning through a variety of activities, reproducible handouts, and mastery checks with answers supplied.  

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