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H-01.01a Biographies Small-Sized Starter Book (Original)

H-01.01a Biographies Small-Sized Starter Book (Original)

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Author: Elaine Kirn-Rubin 

Suitable for: High Beginning Through Advanced Language Learners, 4-8, Secondary, Young Adult, Adult; New Readers; Students, Instructors and Tutors. independent learners, and Home School students. For English improvement, ESL, EFL, Literacy, WIOA, Career and College, and Corrections Institutions.

What It Is: The 44-page, half-sized, original version of BiographiesShort, Short Stories Based on the "Messages" of People's Lives, containing about 1/8 the material of the full-sized, comprehensive How-to Resource Book  

Why You Need It: Lack time or energy to work through the daunting 152-page full-sized version subtitled "Everything to Know (Now) about Teaching & Learning Language & Content with Biographical Material?" In case you want just brief samplings of how to use Biographies of Famous People for language or content teaching/learning  purposes and progress, here are the condensed highlights. 

    What It Does: 

    teaches facilitators & independent learners to:                                                 
    • present or learn biographical subject matter through multi-leveled readings, whole-class vs. individualized learning, Main-Idea + Supporting Detail Comprehension Quizzes, and generic interactive skills formats ("Reading-Card Kits," the "Expert Game,"  Oral Informational Activities, Bio Quiz Games, and Research Picture Cues).                                                                                                                               
    • advance reading/writing + listening/speaking skills + knowledge of history and culture through motivating, engaging, customized, and versatile, and eventually all-encompassing "content," all on a universal topic that interests almost everyone: People, Their Lives, Their Value, Their Significance.                                 
    supplies onscreen or classroom-ready reproducibles  (30 sample reading selections at 3 levels of "challenge,") along with instructions for using outside sources and simplifying/adapting language to produce your own customized, reusable biography materials. Provides instructions for writing class biographies.
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