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D-03.07 Use Simple Present Statements (with Frequency Adverbs) for All Persons

D-03.07 Use Simple Present Statements (with Frequency Adverbs) for All Persons

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Chapter 7 (Simple Present Statements—with Frequency Adverbs: “Work, Work, Work”) of the New Scenario: Beginning to Use English Grammar in Context, pages 91-104


Who It’s For: (Low to High) Intermediate (Self-) Teachers Inspired by Colorfully Visual, Refurbished Materials       

Why It’s Useful: Here’s a classic “Battle of the Sexes” (visually updated) Anecdote that illustrates uses of simple-present verb phrases in statements +  questions with Who?  What? subjects. Everyone can use it to reinforce, review, summarize, and enhance their ability to understand and use action & non-action verbs in the Present Time Frame.   

What You’ll Do: 

[1] With others, take (stereotypical) roles in the page 91 Script. (Have learners) Identify sentence subjects + simple-present verbs with and without –(e)s endings—as well as uses of the present to express both repeated activity and events in narrative sequence. Complete and check Comprehension Exercises 7A to 7C on pages 92-93.

[2] Use (grade-)leveled techniques to cover the Grammar presented in Explanation + Sentence Pattern Boxes. Go over the Vocabulary & Spelling Info in Sidebars. When pertinent, complete and check the appropriate levels of Grammar Exercises & Activities 7–D to ***7-H on pages 94-104. Insert pedagogy when helpful. It’s probably best to cover sections of the material in order.     

[3] Especially for the culminating “Do It Yourself” segments that complete Chapter 7, (get learners to) master the two main uses of the Simple Present: to express Repeated Activity and to Narrate Events in Sequence.   

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