G.2.RW.S Work/Life English - Reading and Writing - Level 2 - Student

Work/Life English

G.2.RW.S Work/Life English - Reading and Writing - Level 2 - Student


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Author:  Elaine Kirn

Suitable for: Secondary Students, Young Adults, Adults

What It Is: The WLE Level 2 Competency Based Reading/Writing Book  is a 150-page book for “English in Everyday Life. As in the corresponding Grammar and Reading/Writing books, its ten (10) Chapter titles are:

•  Getting There   •  Problems & Solutions   •   Moving   •  Food & Things     •  The Family    • The Community     •  Work     •  Shopping     •  Health      •   The Weekend & Vacations
Why You Need It: Even beginning readers and language-learners want to get right to the point with the fundamentals of printed and written language in simple, direct ways. After learning to read and understand adapted material from everyday life, they’ll have the confidence to interpret and handle the authentic text and visuals that are all around them.

    What It Does: After reviewing alphabet letters, numbers, and names  in a Starting Out Intro, text-reading materials build practical and communicative competence mostly through simplified "realia." There are forms, directories, ads, signs, schedules, menus, bills, labels, maps, charts, and other examples of print matter that English or ESL students can encounter daily in their environment. Writing sections offer practice in such necessary routine tasks as filling out forms and writing lists, notes, messages, and short letters.

    Parts One and Two of each chapter incorporate tips and techniques for hands-on reading practice with cultural information. There are related realistic writing tasks.

    Part Three gives instruction in basic phonics patterns and spelling rules.

    Part Four points out writing conventions, gives examples, and provides controlled writing practice.