F-2: What's the Point? Book Two. A Reading Skills Worktext (Print version)

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F-2: What's the Point? Book Two. A Reading Skills Worktext (Print version)

F. Read & Write Effectively

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Author: Elaine Kirn

Suitable for: Secondary Students, Young Adults, Adults, independent learners, and Home School students. For Instructors and Tutors of English improvement, ESL, EFL, Literacy, WIOA, Career and College, and Corrections Institutions.

What It Is: A 192-page WorkText subtitled "Learning to Learn from Real Reading."

Why You Need It: It gets right to the point! It presents, practices, and assesses mastery of the concept of “reading for meaning,” It overdoes the pedagogy to the point that you (or your learners) will respond eagerly to Instructions. You'll build your reading abilities without even thinking about it. From the start and all the way through, you’ll be too busy doing to be held back by struggle or boredom.  

What It Does: After a “warm-up Intro”in “Getting the Point without Words,” the ten Parts of the text motivate development of reading skills and comprehension by

  • Recognizing, Choosing, & Telling the Point;
  • Noting, Asking, & Answering Main-Idea Questions;
  • Understanding & Interpreting Real Events & Fiction; and
  • Putting It All Together.

You’ll progress effortlessly and smoothly while reading carefully constructed selections on everyday practical topics central to your life and success:

  • Getting Acquainted with People (Naming Names, Problems & Solutions, Communication in Relationships);                                                      
  • Getting Better & Better (Better Health, Self Improvement, Emergencies);

When the text moves on to narratives, you’ll enjoy Stories—Fact & Fiction (Real Events from the News, Stories with a Point, A Whale of a Story). Part 9, in fact, incorporates two versions of a classic novel, Moby Dick, proving that varying sources, formats, and levels of challenge contribute to reading fluency and understanding. Part 10 summarizes Reading Skills & Strategies with articles that reinforce “the Importance of Reading & Learning.”  

Here are the other unique features of What’s the Point? Book Two:

  • Sidebars that answer your or your learners’ questions in advance, reducing need for a formal “teacher”                                                                       
  • In each Part, a dual-purpose Remembering What You Read section: while functioning as an “Answer Key” for text activities, these pages promote recall and summary of the relevant main ideas and supporting detail.                                                                                                     
  • A Now It’s Your Turn portion that elicits your (learners’) opinions, views, thoughts, and further questions on targeted and related subject matter.                                                                                                     
  • Going Beyond the Text suggestions for moving on to comparable (adapted or authentic) reading materials on “related topics in the real world.”                                                                                                                    
  • Just One (or Two) More Things, a catch-all “extra serving” of related humor (cartoons, anecdotes); one-liners (proverbs, quotes); and other fun bits and pieces.                                                                                        
  • In Part 10, a Final Test to prove you got the point of What’s the Point?


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