G.2.LS.S Work/Life English - Listening and Speaking - Level 2 - Student

Work/Life English

G.2.LS.S Work/Life English - Listening and Speaking - Level 2 - Student


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Author: Elaine Kirn

Suitable For: Secondary Students, Young Adults, Adults

What It Is: The WLE Level 2 Competency-Based Listening/Speaking Book  is a 120-page text for “English in Everyday Life." As in the corresponding Grammar and Reading/Writing books, its ten (10) Chapter titles are:

 •  Getting There  •  Problems & Solutions  •   Moving   •  Food & Things        •  The Family   •  The Community   Work    •  Shopping      •  Health              •  The Weekend & Vacations                                                                  

Why You Need It: Listening comprehension usually comes first in language development because it's vital to functioning in the world of work and daily life. Using skills and strategies that make it easier to understand will naturally improve learners' communication abilities--especially in regard to their wants and intents at work and in everyday life. It will also reduce stress or anxiety.  

What It Does: The practical aural/oral skills activities in this book provide immediate feedback on students' listening and speaking success. They offer ample opportunity for learning interaction.

Each chapter begins with a Vocabulary section, which introduces the important words and phrases to understand and use.

Part One presents a practical conversation on the chapter theme, along with exercises that develop students' listening ability.

Part Two provides pronunciation principles, rules, practice, and communicative activities.

Part Three offers a variety of practical listening tasks and interactive speaking activities.

Part Four provides communication practice in paired "information gap" activities. It may also present common phrases in notional / functional categories for students to practice in structured conversations.