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Work/Life English

G.3.LS.S Work/Life English- Listening and Speaking - Level 3 - Student

G.3.LS.S Work/Life English- Listening and Speaking - Level 3 - Student

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This comprehensive student text crafted to enhance aural and oral competency. It transforms language learners into effective communicators, guiding them through the captivating theme of "An Immigration Story."

Key Components:

  • 10 immersive chapters focusing on diverse themes related to "An Immigration Story."
  • Comprehensive practice in proven listening strategies for effective communication.
  • Pronunciation instruction and exercises for clear speech.
  • Language functions development for improved communication skills.
  • Practical listening exercises for real-world application.
  • Step-by-step instruction in proven listening strategies.


134 pages

Who They're For:

  • Secondary Students
  • Young Adults
  • Adults

What It Is: 

The WLE Level 3 Competency Based Listening/Speaking Book  is a 125-page student text for aural/oral competency with the overall theme, “An Immigration Story.” As in the corresponding Grammar and Reading/Writing book, its ten (10) Chapter titles are:

  • The Arrival    •   Housing     •   Transportation     •  Work     •  Education   •  Money    •  Recreation & Entertainment  •  Health & Illness  •  Friendship, Romance, & Love    •   Family & Special Occasions

Why You Need It: 

Both newcomers to and residents of North America want to share their experiences in the areas of interest listed above--and to benefit from what they hear from others. This text and its audio material help develop the comprehension and speaking skills they need to do so. 

What It Does: 

After helping co-learners get acquainted, the text provides step-by-step practice in the use of proven listening strategies. Students learn how to get the point of short personal stories and "listening realia"--routine audio common in everyday life. They consider tips and techniques for improving their accents and participating in effective oral exchanges.   

Part One of each chapter produces "Better Listening." While getting meaning from stressed words in sentences, learners take note of conversational expressions and reduced forms. Fill-in exercises check their comprehension. 

Part Two develops "Clear Speech" through instruction in vowel + consonant sounds, syllable stress, sentence rhythm, intonation, and other pronunciation features.

Part Three leads to "Good Communication" through presentation and practice of useful language functions such as expressing interest, certainty, & uncertainty; requesting and giving information, repetition, & clarification; dealing with advice & opinions; inviting, accepting, & refusing; and more. 

Part Four provides "Practical Listening" practice with the common verbiage of instructions, directions, announcements, descriptions, interviews, recordings, phone conversations, and so on. It ends with Beyond the Book discussion relevant to chapter topics.

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