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Work/Life English

G.3.RW.S Work/Life English - Reading and Writing - Level 3 - Student

G.3.RW.S Work/Life English - Reading and Writing - Level 3 - Student

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This comprehensive student text delves into the theme of "An Immigration Story" through a collection of captivating narratives. This book offers an enriching experience that combines storytelling with language skill development. Immerse yourself in the world of captivating narratives, skill-enhancing exercises, and inspired writing activities.

Key Components:

  • Engaging chapter topics aligned with "An Immigration Story."
  • Captivating narratives of composite fictional characters based on real immigrant experiences.
  • Comprehension activities for enhanced reading skills.
  • Writing activities to develop writing skills and personal creativity.
  • Simulated practical print material to improve competencies.


144 pages

Who They're For:

  • Secondary Students
  • Young Adults
  • Adults

What It Is: 

The WLE Level 3 Competency-Based Reading/Writing Book is a 138-page student text. Like its corresponding Grammar and Listening / Speaking books, its chapter topics are all part of “An Immigration Story." They are: 

  • The Arrival   •  Housing    •  Transportation   •  Work    •  Education  •  Money    •  Recreation & Entertainment   •  Health & Illness  • Friendship, Romance, & Love   •   Family & Special Occasions 

Why You Need It: 

Everybody has interesting real-life experiences to share! Reading those of composite fictional characters will inspire both native and non-native students of English to learn from others and to put down their own stories in writing. 

What It Does: 

This book provides stories of high appeal to adults based on the real experiences of immigrants, with whom most readers will easily be able to identify. Exercises contribute to reading skills development; simulated practical print matter will improve competencies. Writing activities are designed both to help students with typical tasks and to motivate them to write on their own.

  • Part One of each chapter presents a narrative and related comprehension activities.
  • Part Two offers simplified realia(everyday items) with supporting reading and writing exercises.
  • Part Three teaches the mechanics of writing paragraph form, punctuation, spelling, and the like.

Part Four provides a framework for common kinds of writing, along with suggestions for "Beyond the Book" writing activities.

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