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Work/Life English

F.5.RW.S Work/Life English - Reading and Writing - Level 5 - Student

F.5.RW.S Work/Life English - Reading and Writing - Level 5 - Student

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This is a comprehensive language learning resource that explores the intricate relationship between language and culture. With thematic alignment across the series, this book delivers an immersive experience that encourages learners to connect language skills with real-life scenarios. This book nurtures holistic language learning that promotes curiosity, engagement, and personal development.

Key Components:

  • Comprehensive Thematic Exploration.
  • Vocabulary Enhancement.
  • Stimulating Questions.
  • Practical Writing Skills.
  • Interactive Activities.


144 pages

Who They're For:

  • Young Adults
  • Adults

What It Is: 

The WLE Level 5 Competency-Based Reading/Writing Book  is a 136-page student text designed to explore "Language & Culture in Depth." As in the corresponding Grammar and Listening/Speaking books, its ten (10) Chapter titles are:

  • Meeting People   •  Getting an Education   •   Money, Money, Money      •  Earning a Living     •  Going Places    •  Getting Along with People      •  Having Fun   •  The Media   •   A Lifetime of Learning 

Why You Need It:

At some point in their studies and/or careers, people are likely to feel ready for the details of the life areas that they've been coping with as best they can. There's so much for adults to do to achieve or maintain a comfortable, meaningful, and satisfying life. The material in this book may help them in their efforts to move forward.

What It Does: 

Along with reading and writing instruction and practice, the text delivers information likely to inspire interest in the subject matter listed above. It brings up questions that learners will want to find the answers to--not only in the book itself but through research in the wider world.    

An Introduction reminds text users of the characteristics of fluent reading. It mentions reasons for and steps to take in Previewing, Getting the Main Ideas, Building Vocabulary, Scanning for Information, and Writing as a Process. 

Part One of each chapter insures that learners are "Reading for Meaning." There's a substantial illustrated article that may include simulated print realia. After demonstrating that they get its main points, they attend to details, judging their relevance, significance, or relationship to one another. Finally, they express and exchange their own ideas. 

Part Two promotes "Vocabulary Building" systematically. Learners deal with synonyms, opposites, descriptive words, parts of speech, verbiage intended to "impress," related words, dictionary use, meaning from context, definitions, shades of meaning, word parts, objective vs. subjective language, and the like. The Part ends with suggestions for ways to accelerate vocabulary acquisition independently.                                          

Part Three is for "Scanning for Information." Having practiced on simulated print realia such as Calendars of Events, School Forms, Credit Statements, Employment Ads, Written Agreements, Travel Literature, Yellow Pages, Rules & Regulations, and more, text users seek out, figure out, and share authentic print material of the same types.              

Part Four is "Expressing Yourself in Writing." Text users are encouraged and helped to write personal journals, autobiographies, business and job application letters, resumes, agreements, travel descriptions, fliers, and even short Essays. 

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