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Work/Life English

G.6.RW.T Work/Life English - Reading and Writing - Level 6 - Teacher

G.6.RW.T Work/Life English - Reading and Writing - Level 6 - Teacher

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The Instructor's Manual is an indispensable resource for those dedicated to understanding and teaching the complexities of the intriguing "Issues & Answers" explored in the student text. This manual provides valuable insights, teaching strategies, and comprehensive support. The manual presents ways to optimize the presentation and practice of various text sections, ensuring learners receive the best possible guidance.

Key Features:

  • Complete copy of the student text included for reference.
  • Guidance on optimizing presentation and practice for effective learning.
  • Answer Key for all text exercises and supplemental material.
  • Reproducible Progress Tests for assessing learning progress.


188 pages

Who They're For:

  • Instructors + Tutors of Secondary Students.
  • Young Adults
  • Adults
  • Independent Learners
  • Home School Students

What It Is: 

The Instructor's Manual for WLE Level 6 Competency-Based Reading/Writing Book is a 42-page supplement for those who are teaching themselves or others to understand the "Issues & Answers" of our modern world as they appear in the print media. The book includes a complete copy of the 134-page student text. Its ten (10) Chapter titles are the same as in the student text. 

Why You Need It: 

Whether you're teaching a class or learning on your own, you need to refer to the original text often. The supplemental introduction to the entire WLE Program and competency descriptions will help put the material into perspective in learning and teaching. And "having the right answers" is always a relief.    

What It Does: 

The extra instructors' section at the end of the manual begins with suggested ways to optimize presentation and practice of various kinds of text sections to help learners. It's followed by an Answer Key for all text exercises. And if your program requires assessment of learning progress--or to help you assess your own progress, the reproducible Progress Tests will save you the trouble of preparing your own.  

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