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C-04.2 Create & Use 3 Kinds of Compound Words & Phrases

C-04.2 Create & Use 3 Kinds of Compound Words & Phrases

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C-4.2 Pedagogy & Practice in Combining Word Elements into Useful Vocabulary Items

(Part 7 of What’s the Word? Combining Word Elements)

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Who It’s For: Developing Language Learners & New Readers Expanding Their Vocabulary. Teachers & Helpers.

Why You Need It: One way to grow vocabulary quickly is to combine familiar short into longer ones with new meanings. And it’s fun to work or play with compound words & phrases. Isn’t it?

What You’ll Do:

[1] Learn about compound vocabulary items, their meanings, and their 3 kinds: “closed,” hyphenated, and “open” (phrases). Get linguistic info about their parts of speech and syllable stress in pronunciation. Consider phrasal verbs and expressions, too.

[2] Combine word elements into compounds, matching them with their definitions.

[3] From cues, create compounds for the blanks in classic true stories from old news. Fill in a Vocabulary Chart.

[4] To continue “Learning Beyond the Book,” do vocabulary-learning activities particularly designed for compound words and phrases.

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