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Work/Life English

D-00.003 Scenario Book THREE: English Grammar in Context (Original Version)

D-00.003 Scenario Book THREE: English Grammar in Context (Original Version)

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This is a comprehensive high-intermediate level through advanced grammar-based language-skills course book. Book 3 caters to learners ranging from intermediate to advanced levels. It integrates grammar instruction within diverse situational contexts, empowering learners with practical English skills and competencies for work and life. Whether in an academically oriented or non-academic class, this book offers a highly versatile and relevant approach to English language learning.

Key Components:

  • 15 Scenarios (Situational Contexts) with engaging chapter titles, providing real-life situations for language learning.
  • Group work, peer feedback, and academic writing exercises to encourage collaborative learning.
  • Customizable Course Design.
  • Simple Design.


224 pages

Who They're For:

  • It is specifically designed for teachers and learners involved in college.
  • It caters to those seeking a simple design with black and white text for effective language learning at these proficiency levels.
  • Secondary ESL programs.
  • Adults.

Why You Need It: 

Available for download and immediate use in crisp black and white. Or order the quantity needed to be shipped. Choose from in-stock early print run that shows its age, or select crisp black and white printed when ordered. When the need is a simple black and white, highly versatile, relevant, high - Intermediate level through Advanced grammar-based language-skills course book, that allows teachers to custom-design a challenging course that meets the needs of each group and individual. For communicative oral-skills and writing activities, practical vocabulary, subject matter (content information), group work, peer feedback, and academic writing.

What You Will Do:

1.Assess students learning objectives - desired behavioral skills - and level of English Competencies.

2.Review the content in the 15 Scenarios (situational contexts) with chapter titles that include: The Interview; An Immigration Story; A Mystery; The Stopwatch (A Fantasy Story); A Shopping Trip; Geography; Witness; The Lucky Man (A Modern Fairy Tale); Meeting People; A Relationship; A Hard Day's Work; The Employment Agency; Books, Books, Books; Sports; Current Issues;

3.Correlate results of Steps 1. and 2. and optimize assignments and learning for small groups and individuals

4.Use content and concepts in this 224-page text to deliver useful English skills and competencies for work and life. 

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