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D-01.12 Ask & Answer YES/NO & WH-Questions with BE

D-01.12 Ask & Answer YES/NO & WH-Questions with BE

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Unit 2 (“Curiosity”) of the original Scenario Book One: Beginning to Use English Grammar in Context,

21 pages

Who It’s For: (Teachers & Helpers of) Beginning to Intermediate Learners

Why It’s Useful: Adult language learners will appreciate the steady stream of be-questions from kids curious about everything—until they’re distracted by the media. Then they’ll enjoy exercises and activities that involve learning about astronomy, celebrities, the calendar year, geography—and one another.

What You’ll Do: 

 [1] By listening, reading, commenting, and exchanging knowledge, take in the typical patterns of the Scenario, its comprehension checks, relevant grammar presentations, and exercises. Show that you understand and are curious.

[2] Relying on the pedagogy, participate in beyond-the-text Guessing Games that encourage everyone to contribute and to collect knowledge—including some that you devise yourselves.

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