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D-01.14 Analyze & Use BE-Sentence Patterns in Speech & Writing

D-01.14 Analyze & Use BE-Sentence Patterns in Speech & Writing

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Unit 4 (“The Dream”) Summary & Review of Units 1-3 of the Original Scenario Book One: Beginning to Use English Grammar in Context, pages 50-52


3 pages 

Who It’s For: (Teachers & Helpers of) Beginning to Intermediate Learners, Especially Those in Content Courses

Why It’s Useful: Question & Answer Formats are most engaging when they address interesting content areas that almost everyone has knowledge and/or curiosity about. These (self-) teaching conversations, pedagogical points, colorful exercises, and guesswork tasks will motivate learning in both English and other school subjects. 

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  Enjoy the back-&-forth (+ competition) of wide-ranging factual question & answer exchanges about any or all topics of interest—and do it all with only the elemental grammar of be-sentences! Get info, do and check exercises, and move on to fluency. 

[2]  Get in the habit of improving language abilities in the context of any interesting topics. Work together to create durable Question-&Answer Quiz Game Formats to use again and again in teaching/learning progress.  

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