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D-02.04 Read & Create Imperative-Verb (+ Object) Sentences

D-02.04 Read & Create Imperative-Verb (+ Object) Sentences

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Unit 5 (Imperative Sentences: “Read This Page Carefully”) of the Original Scenario: English Grammar in Context, pages 54-58  

4 pages                                

Who It’s For: (Teachers & Helpers of) Beginning/Intermediate Language Learners That Prefer Conventional-Looking Materials

Why It’s Useful: Sometimes, “serious students of grammar” prefer the linear (one numbered section after another) layouts of “old-fashioned” black-and-white text pages. That’s because familiarity helps them feel “comfortable.” On actually reading the Scenario: Following Instructions, however, participants are in for a surprise. Whether they “get the joke” or not, learners will learn that it’s a good idea to pay attention to what they’re hearing, reading, doing, or learning. 

What You’ll Do: 

[1] With a serious expression, read aloud the instructions on page 54: “This game is a race. Work fast. Follow the instructions exactly.” Then (let them) compete on your/their own. Don’t give away the gag or trick during silent time. You can even (help others) complete Exercises 1a & 1b with a straight face. If anyone still doesn’t get it, have him/her read Step 1 aloud several times (to listeners’ amusement).

[2] Then “reward” that person/those people by having him/her/them take the lead in going over the following Grammar-Pattern/Explanation Boxes. Calm (the class) down by (having learners complete and check Exercises 2a-2h on pages 54-56 individually—and/or cooperatively.    

[3] To extend the fun and benefits of learning to respond to/use “Base Verbs in Directives” make use of the “Talking It Over” section on pages 57-58. Start with Verb-Phrase Vocabulary. Then follow steps for Level A (“Total Physical Response,” or “TPR”) and/or Level B (Writing & Reading) games. Do as much as is feasible or helpful in your language-ed process.  

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