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D-02.05 Get & Make Directive Sentences: Verbs (with Objects) & Adverbs

D-02.05 Get & Make Directive Sentences: Verbs (with Objects) & Adverbs

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Chapter 6 (Directive Sentences: “Do This! Don’t Do That!”) of the New Scenario: Beginning to Use English Grammar in Context, pages 81-90              


Who It’s For: (Teachers & Helpers of) High Beginning Through Intermediate Language Learners “Energized” by Cheerful Visual (Updated) Materials

Why It’s Useful: Colorful, non-linear layout and fun images may inspire text users, motivating them to pay attention to what they’re doing. After enjoying a classic “Following-Instructions Contest,” players will gain confidence by “catching on to its gimmick.” Then lively Explanations, Instructions, and Exercises will keep students “acquiring grammar” (imperative verb phrases) effortlessly but effectively.  

What You’ll Do: 

[1] “Seriously,” read aloud the instructions on page 81. To distract from the joke of the game and add challenge, go over relevant sentence structures, vocabulary, and illustrations on its page. Then leave competitors to it.

[2] If it works, maintain the “tongue-in-cheek” attitude when completing and checking Exercises 6-A through 6-E (pages 82-85), referring to the explanatory boxed pedagogy when helpful. 

[2] Picking and choosing steps (omitting, adapting them to participants’ learning levels, and adding to them), make the most out of the possibilities for Activities *6-F through ****6-G on pages 86-89.  



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