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D-03.06 Get & Make All Kinds of Simple Present Statements & Yes/No Questions

D-03.06 Get & Make All Kinds of Simple Present Statements & Yes/No Questions

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Unit 7 (The Simple Present: “Do You Do Housework?”) of the Original Scenario: English Grammar in Context, pages 69-81

13 pages

Who It’s For: (Teachers & Helpers of) Beginning to Intermediate Language Learners      

Why It’s Useful: Learners get it all in a vintage black-and-white progression of (amusing) Presentation to Comprehension to Boxed Explanations to Exercises (including Spelling) to Summarizing Grammar to multi-graded Talking It Over & Writing It Down Activities.  

What You’ll Do: 

[1] With others, have the conversation on page 69. (Let listeners/readers “get/explain the joke.”) (Have learners) Identify sentence subjects + simple-present verbs with and without –(e)s endings. Together or individually, complete and check Comprehension Exercises 1a to 1c on page 70.  

[2] In ways that correspond to learners’ abilities and goals, go over Explanations & Exercises 2(a-c), 3(a-e), and 4(a-b) on the pages that follow. Make real-life use of targeted grammar/vocabulary to follow instructions (on pages 74-76 at one and/or two Grade-Levels) to talk and write about your own and others’ daily work.   

[3] For the Presentations, Explanations, Exercises, and Activities covering Simple-Present Questions & Answers as well as Action vs. Non-Action Verbs on pages 71– 81, use any procedures that have proven effective in the past. Omit steps—or add them to assess learners’ knowledge/capabilities, to evoke interest/imagination, to interact cooperatively/competively, and to go “Beyond the Text” in challenging ways that work.  Make full use of interactive Question & Answer Exchanges that “exercise” participants’ desires to express themselves and find out about others.

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